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* About this project *

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Complete all processes necessary to produce hardware using only mille-feuille.Mille-feuille is a support tool that allows even someone with no previous knowledge of hardware to automatically create electronic schematics and specialized firmware like a hardware engineer. It is used in connection with a Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2, Zero or 3.
With its automatic wiring function, mille-feuille sets up everything for you without any need for soldering – including firmware used to operate your hardware.
All the user has to do is write an simple operation program in PHP or Python without difficult firmware.
The last step is to use the automatic schematic creation tool and upload information about the device connected to mille-feuille to our server.
A schematic for wiring the Raspberry Pi and device, without the mille-feuille’s own circuits, is then created when you import the EAGLE CAD Script generated by the server into your CAD application.
Mille-feuille serves as your hardware engineer, and makes prototype development easy for everyone.

How to use Mille-Feuille?

Hardware designe with Mille-Feuille

*Step 1 : Assemble mille-feuille*

Assembling mille-fuielle doesn’t require any soldering. After stacking your raspberry pi(A+, B+, 2, Zero or 3), baseboard, and modules on top of each other, all you need to do is plug the device board you want to use into a module.

Modules will be recognized no matter where or in how many levels they are stacked, so you are free to arrange them as you like.

Web Programing

*Step 2 : wite a program*

Mille-feuille comes equipped with a python hardware library. Any programming language that can call on this library will work.

Generally speaking, mille-feuille will automatically wire anything wired between a raspberry pi, a breadboard and a device. Mille-feuille is composed of a raspberry pis, a baseboard, modules, flat cables, and device boards.

The only program the user writes is the operations API. Programs to operate the hardware can be left entirely to mille-feuille.

Create your Schematic

*Step 3 : upload data to the server*

Once the setup is finished you are ready to create your own custom electronic schematics.

When you download and run the specially designed application, the data needed to understand the state of the electronic circuits is extracted.

When you upload this data to the server, an EAGLE CAD electronic schematic script and specialized firmware are created.

Just import this into EAGLE Cad and your schematic is ready.

This is our “Automatic Electronic Schematic Creation Tool”.

The created schematic does not contain the circuits of the mille-feuille device itself.

Prototype WEB programs can also be used as is.

  • for Web Programmer

    Mille-feuille makes it possible for programmers to create prototypes just by layering circuits, and since it also lets them automatically generate custom schematics and specialized firmware, mille-feuille enables programmers to quickly complete pre-production prototypes without having to involve hardware engineers.

  • FOR PCB Designer

    Mille-feuille enables hardware engineers to respond to design changes just by replacing modules. It also makes it easy to output schematic outlines.