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* Distance sensor *



Download UT1612MPR datasheet
Download UR1612MPR datasheet
Download TLC555CDR datasheet
Download ADM3202 datasheet
Main component :
UR1612MPR and UT1612MPR - SPL Honkong LTD. Ultrasonic Sensor
LM324 - Quad-Operational Amplifiers
TLC555 - Generating 40KHz pulse ADM3202 - Line Drivers/Receivers for ultrasonic trannsumitter.



Sample program

* functions *
import DistanceUSonic

def getInfo(Number) : Getting hardware information of device board
Number : connector number of baseboard

def power(milModClass, OnOff) : Controlling ultrasonic taransmitter.
milModClass : module instance
OnOff : Enable(1) or Disable(0) Transmitter

def read(milModClass) : Reading ultrasonic reciver.
milModClass : module instance

Measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from object
R13 Trimmer can adjust the threshold for reciving data. Please, set 1.2V.
R14 Trimmer can adjust the frequency of transmitter. Please, set 40KHz with digital frequency multimeter.